Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kent University Philanthropy Map

The paper
‘Scratch’, ‘dip’, or ‘quill’ pen.

I don’t like sketching out in pencil first, I prefer to dive in with ink. Riskier but a more enjoyable and spontaneous/natural line results.

A scant pencil crosshair is enough for me to work out the composition on this trick circle.

Have a Gander were recently commissioned to provide a hand-drawn map for local University of Kent at Canterbury. The map features on the inside cover flap of a book on Philanthropic Gifts to the university over the past 50 years. Work-in-progress ink and watercolour work on ‘The Langton’ 300gsm ‘Grain Fin’ paper.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colman’s Mustard jar, my favourite

Colman’s Mustard. No manly food should do without it. As they used to say themselves ‘Meat needs mustard’. An iconic design and personal favourite of mine, drawn in scratch pen and acrylic ink with watercolour on 300gsm The Langton’ Grain Fin’ paper. Warhol had his Campbell’s, my muse is mustard. Email me if you’d like to give a similar original as a present headlined with ‘(insert name)’s favourite’, to a loved one - maybe a jar of their favourite marmalade, a bottle of beer or wine, or even a pair of Converse, anything goes. petergander@gmail.com

Monday, December 01, 2014

Hand-drawn maps - Personalised Provence Map

Personalised hand-drawn map  © Peter Gander

It’s been a year of maps, this one’s a very personal one commissioned for a couple who were celebrating their joint 50th birthdays. It shows their favourite haunts in the Provence region of their holiday home in France. Scratch pen and ink and watercolour on The Langton 300gs, Grain Fin paper.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Digital portrait - Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade  © Peter Gander
TV funny guy and gadget man Richard Ayoade in a medium he would surely appreciate - digital pen and brush. Wacom Bamboo tablet Pen & Touch/Photoshop

Monday, July 21, 2014

‘Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight 2014’ map, colour art #KGHB

The printed map #KGHB www.kentgreenhopbeer.com
The complete map, just one side of the folded A2 leaflet (420mm H x 594mm W) available Aug/Sept 2014

Even the logos have been hand-crafted, just like the participating breweries’ beers!

Where to find out more...

The original black linework has been digitally coloured

One of Chaucer’s characters cantering from London. (The name of the city of Canterbury was derived from the fact that Canterbury was a feasible days’ canter from London).

Speaking of name origins, ‘Gravesend’ is supposedly thus named because this is where the final graves resulting from London’s Great Plague came to an end.

Breweries participating in the Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight are shown against a white background, over 20 in all this year.

London, shown with tongue  clearly in cheek, as a polluted contrast to the green fields of Kent

A hand-drawn map would not be complete without a kraken or two...

This style of signpost was known as a ‘bichop’s finger’ after which Faversham brewery Shepherd Neame names its strong ale. The style was peculiar to Kent.

I went on this tour starting from Eddie Gadds’ Ramsgate brewery last year finishing at The Foundry in Canterbury, a great trip was had by all.

Navigation UK map inset

Again, with tongue firmly in cheek, The Isle of Sheppey is shown featuring one of its better-known establishments, a prison

Again, the Fortnight is supported by The British Hop Association and Simply Hops

West Kent Green Hop Brewers

Paraphrasing the usual ‘Garden of England’ line

Well the Eurostar train does dive straight into the sea doesn’t it?

South-west Kent KGHBF participating breweries

Do visit, it’s in Dane John Gardens and has a lovely atmosphere

A map of Dover without a spitfire would be unthinkable, of course.

The Sussex border, (‘part of...’ appeared in many old maps when the full county was not shown).

Kraken/sea monster, ship and, of course, a nymph-like girl water skiing on a scallop pulled by a fish